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SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AB 1 Channel ENG
SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AB 1 Channel GRADE 1
SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AB 1 Channel GRADE 1
SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AB 2 Channel ENG
SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AF 1 Channel ENG
SITe CCD 512 x 512 Pixels Model SIA-502AF 1 Channel GRADE 1
Six (6) Inch Flex Ribbon Cable
SKF Angular Contact Spindle Bearing Set #7001 CP4DGA 12mm ID x 28mm OD
Slide Potentiometer With Center Detent, Board Mount
SMA Male to SMA Male Connector
Small Limit Switch w/Lever and Roller 125v/250v AC 5 Amp
SMC 10mm O.D. Yellow Polyurethane Tubing 20m Roll #T1075Y-20
SMC 2-Finger Rotary Actuated Air Gripper Model MDHR2-10R
SMC Male Connector Thread KQ2H10-U02 Pkg. / 5
SMC One Touch Triple Branch Universal Male Elbow Model KQ2ZT06-02S
SMC One-Touch 3/8" Male Union Plug-In Reducer Elbow KQL11-99 Pkg. Of 10pcs.
SMC Pressure Gauge 60 PSI/0.41 MPa Model 4274904
SMC VR3200-01 Pneumatic-Electric Relay
SMC VR3200-F01 Pneumatic-Electric Relay
SMC VR3200-N01 Pneumatic-Electric Relay
SMD (Surface Mount) I.C. Socket 8-Pin
SMD (Surface Mount) Test Point Model TP-107-02
SMD 10mm Tweezer Soldering Iron Tip
SMD 5mm Tweezer Soldering Iron Tip
SMD HDMI Connector
SMT / SMD Tactile Switch TS-04M-ASP
SN74ALVCH162344GR 1-Bit To 4-Bit Address Driver
Snap-In 1/2" Hole Plug GC Electronics Model 11-356-C
Snap-in Clear Plastic 5mm LED Panel Mount / Diffuser Lens
Snap-in Plastic 5mm LED Panel Mount
Soldering Iron 1.6mm Tip for Madell Soldering Irons
Soldering Iron Chisel Tip for Madell Soldering Irons
Solderless 830 Point Breadboard
Song Chaun 12vDC Relay Model 892HN-1AH-S
Souriau 18-Pin Female Panel Mount Receptacle 85102E1418S50
Special order for Bumblebee Batteries
Sprague "ATOM" 20uf 350VDC Capacitor Model TVA-1608
Sprague 1000uf 25v Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
ST Microelectronics L7809CV 9vdc 1 Amp Regulator
Stainless Lead Screw with Plastic Nut
Stainless Steel M6 x 12mm Thumb Screws Package of 10pcs.
Standard US IEC AC 3 Prong Power Cord
Stepper Motor and Driver For Arduino
Stereo Headphone Connector
Stereo Momentary Switch
Stereophone Splitter 3.5mm to 2 3.5mm
STK48 Development / Prototyping board for Atmel ATmega8, ATmega168, ATmega328
STMicroelectronics LM317T 1.2~37v Adjustable Voltage Regulator
Straight D-sub 25-pin Female Connector Board Mount
Sunon "MagLev" 5v DC Fan 20mm x 20mm x10mm
Sunon MagLev 12v DC Fan 40mm x 40mm x10mm
Sunon Maglev 24v Fan
Sunon Mighty Mini 3vDC Blower #UB5U3-500
Super Lube® Synthetic Grease w/Syncolon®(PTFE) 3 oz. Tube
Super OMEGACLAD® XL Heavy Duty Transition Junction Thermocouple Probe TJ72-CAXL-18U-12-CC-DUAL
Surface Mount (SMD) Blue LED 550 MCD 20mA
Surface Mount (SMD) White LED 550 MCD 20mA
Surface Mount (SMD) Yellow (Amber) LED 120 MCD 20mA
SUSPA® 15Lb. Gas Piston Model C16-18831 w/2-End Fittings & 2-Ball Studs
S-Video Board Mount connector w/ Right Angle
Swagelok 5~50 PSIG Spring Kit Model 177-13K-HFM-B For HFM Series Manual Pressure Regulators
Switch - Double Pull, Double Throw ON-OFF-ON
Switch -Double Pole, Double Throw ON-ON 125v AC, 10 Amp
Switchcraft DC Panel Mount Jack 2.5mm x 5.5mm #712A
Switchcraft DC Power Plug Model 760 ID 2.5mm OD 5.5mm
Switchcraft Mini 5-Pin XLR Jack Model TRAPC5MX
Switchcraft Rocker Switch
Syntron® Parts Handling Magnetic Vibratory (vibration) Feeder Model LD-1
Tantalum Capacitor - 1.5 uf, 20V
TC4013BP (4013), CMOS, Dual D Flip-Flop w/Reset
TCRT5000 IR Reflective Optical Sensor w/Transistor Output
TDK Molded Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 2000pf 40kV Model UHV-9AT (UHV-9A)
TDK Molded Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 700pf 40kV Model UHV-7A
TE 8-Position Shunt DIP Switch Model 1825190-7
TEAC TCJ-DV28SL(B) Slot Loading DVD-ROM Drive w/IDE Adapter
Teflon Tubing 100ft TFT-200-24
Tektronix Knob For TDS 500, 600, 700 Series Oscilloscopes
Tektronix 375 OHM Potentiometer #311-0284-00
Tektronix Cable Assembly Part Number 062-0935-00
Tektronix Diode 152-0686-00 (SR3273, MR821)
Tektronix Logic Probe Clip Model 020-0720-00
Tektronix Neon Indicator Lamp #150-0111-00
Tektronix NOS Probe Compensation Box For P6105 #206-0221-02
Tektronix NOS Probe Compensation Box For P6107 #206-0247-00
Tektronix P6430 Temperature Probe
Tektronix Red Equipment Knob #366-0031-00
Tektronix® 151-0464-00 PNP Power Transistor (RCA)
Tektronix® 152-0488-00 Bridge Rectifier
Telebyte RS-232 to RS-485 Adapter Model 366M
Telefunken E180F High-slope RF Pentode Vacuum Tube Tested 98%
Terminal Strip w/ Cover, 12 Position
Terminal Strip w/ Cover, 6 Position
Tested FLEX ATX 220-Watt Power Ssupply FSP220-60LE For Lacie 1U Chassis
Texas Instruments / Burr-Brown OPA445AP Op Amp
Thermal Fuse 84°C
THK Cam Follower Model CF5UUA
Thomas & Betts Crimp Blade Connector w/Heat Shrink Shield #14RBS-251TX Box of 25 Pcs.
Thomas & Betts TY-Rap 3.6" Zip Ties Bag of 1000 Cat. No. TY23M
Thomson Ball Bushing Linear Bearing OPN81420
Thunderbolt Cable 3 Foot(1m)
TO-92 Round Transistor Socket
TO-92 Square Transistor Socket
Toggle Switch SPST / ON-OFF
Top View Warm White SMD (Surface Mount) LED 3mm x 1.4mm
Top View White SMD (Surface Mount) LED 3mm x 1.4mm
Toroid Audio Amplifier Power Transformer, 240VA, 81v w/ Center Tap
TORX176 / RX176 Fiber Optic Receiving Module (S/PDIF)
Toshiba SCR Tyristor Module MG300J2YS45 600v 300 Amps
Toshiba TA78DL05AS (7805) 5v low dropout voltage regulator
Toshiba TA8080K 1.0 amp DC motor driver (50 Pack)
Toshiba TA8080K 1.0 Amp DC Motor Driver (Single) (Built in H-Bridge)
Toshiba TA8261AH 40 Watt Low Voltage Amplifier Chip (s)
Toshiba TA8264AH Amplifier
TPI 1.27mm Micro Clip / Mini Grabber hook Model MC1R test probe/lead
Train Like The Seattle Mariners 2004 DVD New!
Triax to Triax Sub-miniature 24" Cable Model 305-0889-1-21.9
Trompeter ADBJ20-E2-BJ74
Tru Spec TSC4-24SB 24dB 4-Port 1GHz 130dB Digital Directional Tap
TUNG-SOL 5687 Vacuum Tube
TVS Diode / Transient Voltage Suppressor 600 Watts 6.8v
Twinkling, Flashing Piranha RGB LED 20mA
Two High Right Angle 3mm LED Indicator Red/Green Model G378B/I2+G2
Two prong power cord for laptop, xbox, printer, power supply, etc.
Tyco (Potter & Brumfield) 50 Amp Breaker
Ultra Bright 5mm LED RGB (Red, Green, Blue) (Common Anode)
Ultra Bright 5mm LED RGB (Red, Green, Blue) (Common Cathode)
Ultra Fast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode Model APT2X60D120J
Ultrasonic Transducer Sensor, Like Kobitone 400pt16, Range Finder Proximity One Lot of Three
UMPCO Cushioned Loop Wire Clamp #MS21104-D2 Approx. 1/8" I.D.
UMPCO Cushioned Loop Wire Clamp #MS21104-D6 Approx. 5/16" I.D.
UMPCO Cushioned Loop Wire Clamp #MS21122-24 Approx. 1-1/4" I.D.
UMPCO Cushioned Loop Wire Clamp #MS21122-6 Approx. 5/16" I.D.
Unbranded Variac 0 - 130v output 10amp with built in meter Auto transformer
Universal Microelectronics Dual DC to DC Converter +/-15v DC #UM2716
USB - C to DVI - D (dual link) Male Cable 6ft (Thunderbolt compatible) USB-C
USB 2.0 14 Inch Panel Mount Extension Cable A Male to A Female
USB 2.0 B Female to Mini B Panel Mount 12" Extension Cable RR-2MB-BFPM-12G
USB 2-Port Power supply 5vDC 2 Amps
USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B Male 3 Foot
USB A-Type Female Right Angle Connector Board Mount
USB Micro B Surface Mount Connector
USB Mini 5-Pin PCB Mount Connector
USB to Micro B Cable 3 Foot
USB Travel Charger 5v DC @1 Amp Model H25B-BA
USB-A Right Angle Board Mount Connector
Used LEMO Right Angle 4-Circuit PCB Connector No. EPL.0S.304.HLN
Velodyne Velarray M1600 Solid-State LiDAR New in box. VEL-005-B114 for Drone and Robotics
Verifone AC Adapter 8.5VAC, 1.0 Amp, Model 01536-01
Veris Industries 24VAC 20VA Transformer Model X020AAA
Vexta 5-Phase Nema 17 Stepper Motor 0.72°/Step Model PK545BUA
Vexta Stepper Motor w/36:1 Spur Gear Reducer Model PK264A1A-SG36
Vexta Stepper Motor w/9:1 Spur Gear Reducer Model PK264A1A-SG9
Vicor Dc to DC converter V48C28C150B 28v 150watt ROHS
Vidikron Remote Control Model 997-5025-00
Vishay (SMD) Surface Mount 10k Resistor Reel of 5,000 #CRCW080510K0JNEA
Vishay 38kHz IR Receiver Model TSOP32238
VWR 24" Bouffant Cap Pkg./250 Catalog Number 21923-250
Water Cooled 1.5" Diameter Heat Sink (Heatsink)
Waterproof Led flashing light, Great for hallowen/costumes or bizare blinky gift.
Water-resistant Switch Cover (small)
Watlow 93 New Temperature Controller Model 93AB1DD100RG
Weidmuller DB25 Breakout Module Model RS SD25B UNC LPK2
WelchAllyn Micropaq Propaq LT Monitor ECG Cable 3 Lead AHA AAMI 4' Model 008-0676-00
Western Electric 264C vacuum Tube
Western Electric JW5842 Triode NOS Vacuum Tube Qty. 2
Wheel with Rubber Face 2" OD x 0.30 ID
White 3-LED Waterproof LED Strip 12v DC
White Feed Through Cord Switch 6 Amps @ 125vAC
White PLCC2 Surface Mount LED with 120° Beam Angle
XLR 3-Pin Female Connector
XLR 3-Pin Male Connector
XLR Panel Mount 3-Pin Female Connector
XLR Panel Mount 3-Pin Male Connector
XY 402 Soldering Iron Tip
XY 403 Soldering Iron Tip
XY 405 Soldering Iron Tip
XY 410 Soldering Iron Tip
XY B01 Soldering Iron Tip
XY B02 Soldering Iron Tip
XY B03 Soldering Iron Tip
XY B04 Soldering Iron Tip
XY B07-JP Soldering Iron Tip
Xytronic Replacement Filters (Pack of 3) For Fume Extractor Model 426DLX
Yageo 100 Ohm 10 Watt 1% Wirewound Power Resistor
Yellow (Amber) 4-LED Waterproof Module w/Steel back 12v DC
ZIF Socket, 20 pin
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