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Rogers RT6002 High Frequency Laminate Sheet

Part Number ROGERS18-12
Rogers RT6002 High Frequency Laminate Sheet
Rogers RT6002 High Frequency Laminate Sheet
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This is a High Frequency Laminate Sheet made by Rogers Corporation.
Specifications to the best of our ability. Please research the part before ordering.
The dimensions are 18"x12"
1 oz. copper thickness
Double sided
0.0600" thick Dialectric

The lable reads:
RT6002 18x12 1E/1E 0600+
E3-00004096 SHEET 1 4

The item weighs 1.2lbs.

Here is information from the Rogers Corp. Website:

"RT/duroid 6002 (er =2.94), RT/duroid 6202 were developed to address several of the drawbacks of PTFE based materials. Introduced in the late 1980's, this material's unique properties are excellent dielectric constant thermal stability and a coefficient of thermal expansion matched to that off copper. This product is ideal for applications in thermal changing environments (space), multilayer constructions due to high reliability of plated through holes as well as in relatively high frequency applications because of its low dielectric loss."

"There are three grades of material from this product family, RT/duroid 6006 (er =6.15) and 6010LM (er =10.2) materials were developed in the late 1970's to provide an option to designers wishing to reduce the size of the circuit boards. The high dielectric constant of these materials yields smaller signal wavelengths and the circuits can be made smaller."