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RANDOM Gizmo worth $3.00 or more...

Part Number 2293
RANDOM Gizmo worth $3.00 or more...
RANDOM Gizmo worth $3.00 or more...
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This item is a collection of one or more random hi tech gizmos that we pick that will have a value of around $3.00 or so.
It may be new, used, surplus, in need of dusting, or a combination of all or none of these.

Depending on the day, color of the moon, the cost of tea in china, and what I stubbed my toe on last Tuesday will decide, what will go into this wonderful brown bag of goodness...
It may be different for each order or if you purchase more than one per order it might be different for each.

We aspire to make you smile and maybe ponder a wee bit when you receive this item.

imagination not included.