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LED Blinker Kit

LED Blinker Kit
LED Blinker Kit
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LED Blinker Kit

Item Description, Features, and Specifications:
This Kit allows you to put together a circuit that will cause the included LEDs to blink, by using different combinations of the parts included, you can change the pattern or rate at which they blink. Great for learning, or for an easy build it yourself module to have a blinking back-light for an art project, Jack-O-Lantern eyes or anything else you can think of.

Kit Includes:
1x 14 Pin IC Socket
1x 74LS00 quad AND gate TTL IC
2x Green 5mm diffused LED
2x Red 5mm diffused LED
2x 1k ohm resistor
2x 470 ohm resistor
4x 4.7k ohm resistor
4x 47uF Electrolytic Capacitor

Also Included:
4x 220uF Capacitor
4x 10uF Capacitor
4x 1k ohm Resistor
4x 8k ohm Resistor

You Will Need:
A perf board or breadboard
A power supply to power the unit up.
You can use 3 AA batteries or a 5v dc power supply.
You will need a battery holder of some sort or a connector for power supply.
Of course tools are required and not included.

Item Condition: New

You will Receive:
1 LED Blinker Kit

Item Weight:
Item weight is approximately 0.1 pounds.

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