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IC's & Chips
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2579 Datel LSM-3.3/16-D12 DC to DC Converter 3.3V 15 Amps $20.00  Buy  
DM7438N DM7438, Quad2-input NAND buffer OC $0.50  Buy  
DM74ALS05 DM74ALS05 $0.50  Buy  
IC_DS3632N DS3632N Dual Periphreal Drivers $5.00  Buy  
NJM2068D-tube50 Dual General Purpose Op Amp Low Noise High Performance #NJM2068D Tube of 50 Pcs. $20.00  Buy  
NJM2068D Dual General Purpose OpAmp Low Noise High Performance #NJM2068D $0.45  Buy  
EL2250CN EL2250CN 125 MHz Single Supply Op Amp $1.20  Buy  
HEF4013BP HEF4013BP Dual D Flip Flop $0.75  Buy  
LM339 LM339 Low Power Quad Voltage Comparator 14-Pin DIP $0.60  Buy  
IC_LM358N LM358 Dual Op Amp 8pin DIP $0.85  Buy  
LM361N LM361, High speed differential comparator $1.55  Buy  
LM3915 LM3915 Bar Graph Display Driver IC $2.75  Buy  
LM3916 LM3916 Dot/Bar Display Driver IC $2.15  Buy  
LM628N-6 LM628N-6 Precision Motor Controller IC 28-Pin PDIP $4.95  Buy  
IC_MAX813L Max813L, 5v monitor IC, Low voltage watchdog IC $2.25  Buy  
MC14013B MC14013B Flip Flop, Dual D Type 14-Pin DIP $0.40  Buy  
MC14013B_full-tube MC14013B Flip Flop, Dual D Type 14-Pin DIP Tube of 25 Ic's $8.75  Buy  
MC1452OB MC1452OB(4520), CMOS, $0.40  Buy  
MC1458P MC1458P Dual General Purpose Op Amp (741 Compatible) $0.65  Buy  
MC1488P MC1488, ANA interface quad driver $0.20  Buy  
MM74HC594MX MM74HC594MX 8-Bit SMD Shift Register w/Output Registers Fairchild Part No. MM74HC594MX $0.50  Buy  
XR2206CPF Monolithic Function Generator Chip 16-Pin DIP XR2206CP-F (XR2206, XR-2206) $4.50  Buy  
NE529N NE529, High speed differential comparators $1.55  Buy  
PL5R32C Philco PL5R32C Dual 8/18 Bit SHift Register $4.00  Buy  
SN74ALVCH162344GR SN74ALVCH162344GR 1-Bit To 4-Bit Address Driver $0.90  Buy  
STK48_dev_board STK48 Development / Prototyping board for Atmel ATmega8, ATmega168, ATmega328 $35.00  Buy  
TC4013BP TC4013BP (4013), CMOS, Dual D Flip-Flop w/Reset $0.50  Buy  
OPA445AP Texas Instruments / Burr-Brown OPA445AP Op Amp $7.75  Buy  
TA78DL05AS Toshiba TA78DL05AS (7805) 5v low dropout voltage regulator $0.50  Buy  
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