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44-Yellow LED Programmable Bar

Part Number 44-yellow-LED-wand
44-Yellow LED Programmable Bar
44-Yellow LED Programmable Bar
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44-Yellow LED Programmable Bar

Item Description, Features, and Specifications
This is a 44 yellow LED bar that is addressable. Each LED is addressable.
It is based on the STP08CL596 chip made by ST.
There are six IC's. Five control forty LED's(eight each...) and one IC controls a group of four.
Serial data goes to the first chip's SDI pin then it outputs serial data to the next chip via the SDO pin.
The LED bar does not come with a matching female plug.
The female plug is manufactured by JST, part number 06ZR-8M and are available on the internet.

Overall length including the male connector at the end is 31 inches.

Each LED draws 20mA. If all the LEDs are turned on at the same time that is a total of 880mA.
Be sure you figure this in when selecting your power supply.

Pin out:
J1 Connector Pin Out (Pin 6 is on the ond of the bar)
1: SDI (to the first chip)
2: CLK (to all chips)
3: /LE (to all chips)
4: /OE (to all chips)
5: Ground (to all chips)
6: 5vDC (to all chips)

LED Bar Code For Arduino vs1

LED Bar Code For Arduino vs2 (Jerry)

LED Bar Code For Arduino vs 3 (Michael)

Item Condition:
New old stock...very bright yellow!

Used, operating condition unknown
Item is sold "as is"

Testing Done:
No testing done

You will Receive:
(1) 44-Yellow LED Programmable Bar

Item Weight:
Item weight is approximately 0.22 pounds.