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Kollmorgen Brushless, Frameless Servo Motor Model RBE-03010-C00

Part Number RBE-03010-C00
Kollmorgen Brushless, Frameless Servo Motor Model RBE-03010-C00
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Kollmorgen Brushless, Frameless Servo Motor Model RBE-03010-C00

Item Description, Features, and Specifications:
This is a new in the box, Kollmorgen brushless, frameless servo motor.
This motor is intended to have a mechanical assembly built around it rather than be attached to an assembly.

According to Kollmorgen:
"The frameless configuration is supplied as two separate components (rotor and stator) and does not include a shaft, bearings, or endbells. Frameless motors are integrated directly with the load where the same bearings which support the load also support the motor. This configuration eliminates shaft, bearings, endbells, and couplings offering reduced volume, weight, complexity and also results in improved servo stiffness and quicker response."

Max. continuous output power (HP): 0.863
Speed at rated power (RPM): 3,000
Max. mechanical speed (RPM): 8,300
Continuous stall torque: torque (lb-ft): 2.21
Peak torque (lb-ft): 15.2
Outside diameter (stator): 5 inches
Inside diameter (rotor): 2 inches
Overall thickness (stator): 1.525 inches

Specifications for the 03010 starting on page 20.

Item Condition:
Used, operating condition unknown
Item is sold "as is"

Testing Done:
No testing done

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Item Weight:
Item weight is approximately pounds.