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Alps Rotary Encoder w/Switch Model EC11B15243AY

Part Number EC11B15243AY
Alps Rotary Encoder w/Switch Model EC11B15243AY
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This is a Rotary Encoder with momentary Switch (Model number: EC11B15243AY); manufactured by Alps Electronics company.

The encoder is rated for 5v DC at 10mA
The switch rated for 16vDC @ 3amp
This is a thru hole board mount unit, vertical orientation, with a push-on momentary switch.

This unit is perfect for projects that need to be able to switch through multiple options and then select one. Such as a menu system, options, etc.

A PDF file of information on this product can be viewed here.

The pin out of this unit is as follows (See the pin out from the ALPS PDF document or the picture we took from the ALPS PDF document which shows more info): D & E
A, C, B
D and E are the pins for the momentary switch.
A, C, and B are the pins of the rotary encoder.
Attach C to ground and attach pull ups to pins A and B
Connect A and B to your microcontroller. When A leads B are in phase the unit is rotating clockwise.
When B leads A are in phase the unit is rotating counter clockwise

Item weight is .015 pounds.