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Adept Python Robot System w/ Teach Pendant & Controls

Part Number AdeptPythonLaserWelder
Adept Python Robot System w/ Teach Pendant & Controls
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Adept Python robot system w/ teach pendant and controls. XYZCC, CNC, 6DOF, Laser Welder System: $17,000

Please see pictures and the description below for more details.
The system was built as a prototype for a production laser etching system that never was produced. Unit looks like it was barely used.
It comes with side covers and lid.

It has X, Y, Z stages and at end of Z is a rotation stage with another rotation stage mounted to that.
3 axis and 2 rotation a total of 6 degrees of freedom 6DOF.
Comes with very fancy teach pendant and motion controls for all motors.

There are two electrical cabinets that have had computers and relays removed that were part of the laser side of the unit. No computer or laser is included.
The entry way has a frame mounted to THK style rollers. This was used to load product that needed to be etched.
The dimensions of entry way is approximately: 2 ft x 2 ft
The stage dimensions is 18 x 27.5 x 10in tall

The entire unit outside dimensions are 70.5 x 69.5 x 78 in tall
The lid adds 18 inches to the height

You will need to add computer, any interlock controls, etc. in order to make a complete system.

List of motion parts in unit:
Teach pendant:
T2 Pendant, 10m
# 05215-110 Rev: A
Rotary Axis (x2):
Yaskawa AC Servo Motor SGMAH-01A1F-AP51
Model L18100S20B0M200P000
PN: 05498-000
Mfg. Date 02/2013
Model L18120S20B0M200P000
PN: 05834-000
SN: 1390000404A
Mfg. Date 02/2013
Y-Axis Guide:
Model LG6120P000
PN: 06000-000
SN: 1390000402B
Mfg. Date 02/2013
Model L12040S10B1M200P000
PN: 06806-000
SN: 1390000401B
Mfg. date 02/2013

List of controller parts:
1 quantity MotionBlox-40L (05745-000 REV R1) (sn=5745-01595)
2 quantity MotionBlox-10L (04500-000) (sn=420-103637)
1 quantity SDIO module SN= 3563-01039
1 quantity Smart controller CX sn = 2000-21507

Comes with PCI front panel which has EMO, switch, key switch
PN = 30356-10358 SN= 0358-61823 rev G

Info from manufacturer:

Info on smart motion controls:

Specifications from manufacturer:

New price if purchased new is over $40k
Sold AS IS with no warranty

Unit will need to be shipped via trucking company
Lid may need to ship separately as it is tall and may be to big for shipping installed on top.
Customer is responsible for pickup costs, crating if needed, and shipping costs.

Testing Done:
No testing done

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For parts or not working - for parts or repair
As Is
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